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This article reviews only the science-backed benefits and uses of Bladderwrack tea, plus precautions and side effects of the seaweed. 10 Uses and Benefits of Bladderwrack Tea 1. Bladderwrack Tea Improves Thyroid Condition. Iodine is a modulator of our thyroid gland. It can ensure that our hormonal and metabolic activities are under control.

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Combined equatorial dovetail/tripod adapter: The AT72ED has a removable L-shaped dovetail mounting foot/tripod adapter. The 1.75" wide x 3.25" long mounting foot is sized and shaped (with slanted sides) to fit the Vixen-style dovetail slot on the head of many altazimuth and equatorial mounts. It will fit, without modification, the Astro-Tech.

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TOM (Slick) RODRIGUEZ Passed away unexpectedly on May 23, 2009 of natural causes. He is survived by his mother, Lucy; father, Ray; brother, Bobby; sister, Virginia (Fidel); special aunt, Stella; his l. Jun 17, 2022 · by Christine on June 17, 2022. Tom Rodriguez reveals his separation from wife Carla Abellana, as well as their divorce. Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez's split was officially.

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Re: Canon 50D and Astro-Tech AT72ED. In reply to th3_n3wb13 • Nov 5, 2014. Well, with just a tripod, a wide-angle like that 17mm, will give you about 20-25s exposures without trailing being noticible. So, just try to play with that on a tripod, and if you aim it at the right spot, with some decent settings, you should be able to get the Milky.

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