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Free synastry report

Create a Relationship Report Select a second person for comparing birthdates to receive a compatibility reading. Compatibility: With Birth Times Free Reports Home Create a New Chart You need to save a chart before using this love chart, go to Birth Chart and click on "Save this chart"" Create a new Natal Chart Report.

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These connections are known as aspects, and they are a key component of a synastry analysis. The main aspects are the conjunction, the sextile, the square, the trine, and the opposition. The easiest way to see these aspects is through the elements and modes described above. Aspects are important in the birth charts of each individual separately. Simply input your birth data and obtain a free natal chart report. Find out your rising sign, planet signs and houses, and aspects-and what they mean. The report includes many of our own original interpretations found on Cafe Astrology, and more. A free short compatibility report is also offered, as well as free personalized horoscopes and.

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Synastry consists of comparing the birth charts of two people to assess the compatibility between them, in any area of their personalities and lifestyles. The synastry report is a tool that allows you to re-evaluate relationships, if they are experiencing difficulties, or to.

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Synastry report (pdf) Transit report (easy data entry) Natal chart report (HTML) Synastry report (HTML) Transit report (HTML) ... and other tools are totally free for anyone's non-commercial use, except that all distribution of parts of the Swiss Ephemeris for programming purposes is subject to the license conditions of the Swiss Ephemeris.

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Free Synastry Report Horoscope Matching Report Love Matching Report . How do you come together? This report looks at the interaction between two people and their two birth charts. It notes the nature of the relationship, whether it is likely to be a successful personal relationship or whether the forces at work are suggesting a less intimate bond.

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