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Implement HOA Rules Change. 1. Draft your amendment to the rules. State in clear language what the rule amendment is. Anticipate if there are actions you need to take in order to get approval. For example, let’s say you want a rule stating that you can use email for association correspondence instead of paper letters.

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The answer is yes! However, be warned that it is going to be a long and costly process. An HOA is a legal entity. In order to dissolve a homeowners association, community members must comply with all laws regarding the formation and dissolution of a legal entity. Additionally, one must follow all of the rules written in the bylaws and covenants.

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Although HOAs are not regulated by the state in Texas, they have far-reaching powers and can apply regulations on anything from lemonade stands to firearms. Typical HOA fees, rules and bylaws in Texas. As set out in their.

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Even if your HOA does not have real power for enforcement, the rule does not have to be ignored. Your HOA may take steps to get the offending homeowner or condo owner to comply, such as by sending a written notice of the violation. After you have a.

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Many property owners' associations in Texas are formed as nonprofit corporations. This means that they are business entities formally created under Texas law and registered with the Secretary of State. For this reason, when asked questions about the functions of an HOA, our librarians often refer people to the Texas law on nonprofit corporations.

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