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Psilocybe truffle spores

The Tampanensis fungi produces magic mushrooms and sclerotia (truffles). In 1977 Steven Pollock discovered the extremely rare Tampanensis that has never been found again up to today. These P. Tampanensis truffle spores (and all other tampanensis) originate from that specimen that has been bred since. Both mushrooms and truffles have psychedelic properties..

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Truffles, Philosopher's stone, Psilocybin stones. PSILOCYBE. Psilocybe tampanensis is a rare and rather unimpressive little brown mushroom that was first documented in 1977 by entheo-mycologist Dr. Steven Pollock, and his colleague, writer Gary Lincoff. The initial specimen was found growing on its own, in a Tampa Florida sand dune.

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Spore print. Very dark purple-brown. Odour/taste: Musty odour. Do not taste Psilocybe semilanceata because it is hallucinogenic, and some people have required hospital treatment after eating this species. Habitat & Ecological role: This poisonous saprobic grassland mushroom is most often found on upland pastures, notably on hill slopes.

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Atlantis Truffles. View full size. Atlantis is one of the strongest strains of magic truffles available, sure to give you a powerful and insightful trip. Cultivated from a rare species of Psilocybe cubensis only found in certain parts of the USA, these magic truffles are a go-to for seasoned psychonauts and lovers of all things psychedelic. 1. 2.

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On the topic of psilocybin spore legality this mushroom laws by state 2021 blog post gives you the most up-to-date information on psilocybe cubensis and about mushroom spores legal details,. ... Find Hollandia, Utopia, Atlantis, Gallendoi, Mexican and Tampanensis magic truffle right here!. Inoculation without glove box: 9. Psilocybe Cubensis.

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